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Shoe Covers
Metal Mixing Bowls
CAMBRO Bins/Food Trays
Safety Face Shield
High-Impact Red Lens Safety Glasses
50¢ ea pc
(Sold by the dozen)
3M Masking Films
12-ft Audio Cable
Designer-Type Sunglasses
Mini Wood Coffin
Power Weightlifting Belts
Gift Wrap Paper Rolls
Curved Scissors
Cuticle Nippers
Anti-Slip Coating
Quick Links & Snaps
Snake Egg Magnets
Magnetic Steel Balls
15¢ / 25¢ / 49¢ ea pc
Analog Wall Clock
Bocce Ball Set
13-pc Dog Toy Assortments
Conair Paraffin Spa
Metal Bread Box
Dick Tracy Party Deal
$45.00 deal or
29¢ pick 'n choose